Past Issue

Volume - 1, No - 1 Page No.

Paper 1 - Corporate Brand Associations for Panasonic 1-6
Dr. Mangesh Prasad Kasbekar
Paper 2 - Dimensions of Relationship Marketing Practices Adopted In Hospitality India 7-15
Pukhraj Suman and Prof. Sanjay Gupta
Paper 3 - Synthetic Review Impact of Online Comments on Smartphone Choice 16-27
Neelkamal Gogna and Dr. Margie Parikh
Paper 4 - To assess the causal relationship among Effect of Perceived Usefulness, Ease of Use 28-43
Dr. Nischay K. Upamannyu, Prof. Chanda Gulati, Ms. Kirti Sharma and Ms. Ragani Jain
Paper 5 - Trade Linkage Between India and Nafta Completed 44-53
Mr. Arpan Shrivastava, Dr. Murlidhar Panga and Dr. Amit Kumar